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I didn't get to participate in Amassment's Joinables event, rather than feel left out, I decided to make a joinable when I had time to devote to it. I actually have several in mind, this is just the first. After tons of support (and help) from my older sister, Mikari, I was able to get this up! After tons of support (see more help) from my little sister, Cherri, I was able to get things completed. My sisters rock!

I'm particularly drawn to heroes and light so I really wanted to make a button rotation for it, plus I hadn't seen one (not that there aren't any...?). So I decided to try and remedy that. I wanted people to be able to claim their favorite heroes (male and female) despite the fact I'm only using the masculine "hero". I'm also a huge fan of mythology, some might recognize Elysian Fields as the dwelling for the righteous and heroes from Greek Mythology.


You are viewing the second (2nd) version of Elysian Fields. Textures from Hybrid Genesis and Elysium Designs. Bleeding Cowboys, Throw My Hands Up in the Air, Chinacat, and Gabriola font from Da Font. Created in Paint Shop Pro 8 and coded in NotePad. Site is best viewed in Firefox with 1200 x 800 resolution. Thanks to Cherri for her patience and feedback! Thanks to Mikari for helping me get all my codes working (and for being all around awesome and indulging me even when I get confused).


I do not own Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn! All recognizable characters are copyright to their respective (and fantastic) owners. No copyright infringement intended. This is just a button rotation that allows web designers to claim a hero for their site.

Although I have a join form, I will not sell your information (and neither will my host as far as I know). The collection of your name, url, and email address is only used to add you to the list. It also lets me contact you should the need arise.