Welcome to Showdown of Sharp Things! What? The title's not epic enough for you? How about Eternal Showdown of Sharp Pointy Things in the Shadow of a Burning Sunset of Justice Battling Doom, is that better? Yes, I thought so, that's the site's real name, Showdown of Sharp Things is just a shorter version of it. Anyway, moving on...

This is a sword directory. I accept any site to sword wielders, swords, kodachi, nodachi, wakizashi, daggers - pretty much sword or blade related. I want to note, though, that spears, axes, scythes, and nagninata type weapons will not be accepted (even though they have blades). As long as I can tell your character fights with a sword of some sort (or daggers, by extension), you're free to join!

~Snow ⚔ Last updated on January 21, 20159 Swordsman Listed
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