"Swords are without a doubt a very iconic weapon. From the stories of samurai to the tales of knights, swords are all over the place. They play prominent roles in stories, art, movies, anime, and especially video games.

Though there have been representations of good and evil swords, like any item, it all depends on how they are used. As they say in Summon Night: Swordcraft Story, "a sword is not strength, a sword is not skill, a sword is not fellowship," what really matters is how it is used. This is something that I find is hinted at in many works.

Think about all the trials that Link has to go through to obtain the Master Sword, the sword may hold power, but it is nothing without its wielder. Link, like many other legendary heroes, isn't handed a magical sword and expected to go save the world, he has to become strong on his own, then he gets the sword as a symbol and extension of the power he has earned.

In video games, especially old school RPGs and adventure games, I remember thinking "the game isn't going to end yet because I don't have the legendary sword," or "I must be at least more than halfway through because I got the legendary sword." I'm sure most of you visiting this page have similar stories about awesome legendary swords and what they mean to the characters and plot" (Mikari, Original Owner of Showdown of Sharp Things).

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