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Wings of the Heart is the third joinable made as a way to combat the "I didn't get to participate" bug that Snow had. It is a claimable (but not one per person type). Instead, it features Wings of the Heart, where members can state they have a certain style and color of wings. This is based on the idea of Wings of the Heart from the GameCube games Baten Kaitos and Baten Kaitos: Origins.


I do not own Baten Kaitos or Baten Kaitos Origins. This clique is based off an idea in the games that I loved. All recognizable characters are copyright to their respective owners.

I will collect your information as a means of contact. I have no plans (and never will) to sell or use your information in a way that might hurt you.

In the Making

Layout coded in Notepad, graphics edited in Paintshop Pro 8. Banner image from Baten Kaitos with textures from Lost and Taken and Hybrid Gensis. Of Wildflowers and Wings font from Dafont.